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Aug 5, 2011 12:30am EDT
owner too a young see whht for them. readings book store in unt valley...owner steve baum says this means banks will have a tighter leash on loans. in turn e along with other small business owners will have a tough time exppnding any time soon.parents of young kids we spoke to today, say heir retirrment and children's college funds are on the line: "and in their minds they think it's a market in the past couple of years have juss been an exception and i think business owners we to see the umemployment numbers that come out tomorrow. it's the monthly report that the labor department puts of the most important ways to gaugg how the economy is doing. janice park fox 45 news late edition. we asked:do ou have confidencc in the economy?not one of you said... yes... yes...ryan writes on faccbook..."economy? i don't evee have faith innthe executive/legislative branches" branches." chevonne writess"not at all...too much poneyygoing into the pockets 3 &p3 first on fox ... a baltimore city police officer.../ is... under investigation -/ after a woman claims.../ her.. for sex.
Aug 25, 2011 12:30am EDT
are in control of most of the capitol. but the libyan p steve harrigan has the d. latest from tripoli. tripoli. fighting conttiues in pockets in tripoli, intensifying throughout the day.... close to qaddafi'' bab al-azizya compound, which rebels captured yesterday. the inside of the compound--ransacked. the deeris left similar to that littering the streets around the city. pro-regime snipers targeted the road leading to tripoli's airport... while rebels manned various checkpoints throughout the city, performing searches on vehicles. as rebels push ahead, the international focus mission... unfreezing libyan assets to aid those affected by months of brutal fighting. meanwhile, dozens of international journalists held captive in a hotel for 5 days by qaddafi loyalists have been releasee.. after sharing tears and hugs with frienns and colleagues , the red cross transported the journalists to a different, more secure hotel. mos says: "(everyone safe, ok?) everybody's fine." despite this week's gains, the huge libya's former leader? u-s officials believe he may be hiding in libya.ea
Aug 24, 2011 12:30am EDT
country. steve harrigan is on the front lines and has the latest on the fighting in tripo. tripoli. ((nats rebels)): "libya free, gadhafi go to hell" a symbol of qaddafi power is no more. after being pounded all morning by nato warplanes, the libyan leader's compound bab al aziziya was overrun by rebel fighters. looting, destruction and celebratory gunfire followed. fighting can be seen, as rebels litter the streets... (12:30 aptn fighters on ground) atash says: "last night there's many fighting between us, and we.... there's actually many shoot between us and there's many killers... many die from us, from our people, they diee last night." as for the colonel himself, his whereabouts remain unknown. his son seif appeared earlier in thh day, trying to rally support. al-islam says: "this is our country. these are our people and we live here and we die here. and we are going to win because the people are with us... now we will go and turn around things in tripoli city in order to see that the situation ii all right." pockets of fighting remain in tripoli, with street to street gunbatt
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3